Visceral Manipulation


Gut Health

Visceral Manipulation is a manual therapy consisting of gentle, specifically placed manual forces. It may be of benefit to people experiencing symptoms of gut ill health such as reflux, indigestion, abdominal cramps or constipation.  


Visceral Manipulation has been developed and extensively researched by Jean Pierre Barral, a French Osteopath, over the last 40 years. The techniques encourage normal mobility and tone of the viscera (our organs), and their connective tissues such as ligaments and fascia. 


One of the tenets of Osteopathy is that ‘structure and function are interrelated’. In other words, you can’t have good function without good structure and vice versa. Clinical experience also suggests that for some people, you can’t have good musculoskeletal health, without good visceral health, and vice versa. 


Our bodies need movement to be healthy and this principle applies as much to our viscera as it does to our musculoskeletal system. Tissues lose their normal mobility when they are put under increased strain due to inflammation, infections, repetitious movements, direct trauma, diet, environmental toxins and or emotional stress. Visceral manipulation techniques are designed to help restore normal mobility to the viscera, improving their structural connections and subsequently their functions. 

Visceral manipulation techniques for gut health are an adjunctive technique and it is recommended that they are used in addition to naturopathic or dietetic care. 

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