Integrated Health - the latest catchphrase or something more?

Integrated Health Care

Integrated health care is a bit of a catch phrase at the moment. Just like ‘organic’ and ‘holistic’ and ‘sustainable’. All of these words have good intentions but when they become over used, the significance, importance and truth with which they were originally intended is easily lost.

So what does integrated health care mean at Arise Osteopathy?

Integrated health care is about seeing each client as a person, not a patient. Once we see the individual, we stop trying to put them in a box and instead endeavour to determine their unique health care needs. Yes, we see many clients with similar complaints: low back pain, obesity or anxiety, but that doesn't mean that the resolution of those complaints requires the exact same course of action.

Each of us is unique in the care that we require and the health care available today is so extensive that no one practitioner has the answer to all the questions. That's why when a clinical presentation is beyond our personal scope of practice, we endeavour to find the modality and practitioner who is bested suited to address it. After all, it's not about us, it's all about you. No matter which field, the best results are usually obtained through teamwork.  

Breathing, nutrition, mental health, exercise, manual therapy, they all affect how we feel. It makes sense therefore that improving how we feel may involve looking at more than just one area of health. At Arise Osteopathy, our experience tells us that the best results are achieved when we are able to work with other local health professionals, pulling together our varied skill sets to address multiple elements of health.

Happy healing!


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